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Yazılım Teknoloji

We Contribute to the Digital Transformation with Our Software Solutions.

Our solutions

Thanks to IBM Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Application Suite applications, all equipment in your organization is under IBM assurance.

Enterprise Asset Management

With IBM Control Desk, you can have a trackable, manageable and reportable system by gathering all your IT inventory and services under one roof.

Service Desk Management

We develope to fullfil your corporate specific requirements with our solutions integrated with IBM products.


*Mobile Applications

*Barcode Reader

*Document Management

*End User Portal

We produce solutions.

IBM Integrated Solutions

We provide image processing, machine learning, IoT integrations and map optimizations using AWS, Microsoft and Google cloud services. We also provide consultancy services on moving your IT services and infrastructure to the cloud.

AI & IoT

We provide requirement analysis, software development and system integration services in all mobile and web portal projects specific to your institution.

Mobile & Web Solutions

Winner of the 2018 PERYÖN Best Digital Project award, you can easily digitalize your HR, Administrative Affairs, Corporate Communications and Employee Health processes with our İş'te Portal application.

New Generation Corporate Portal

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