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Yazılım Teknoloji

Digital Solution Partner


İşPortal Yazılım Teknoloji carries out software development activities as part of our country's digital transformation journey.

We contribute to the digitalization processes of companies with both our own software solutions and the products of leading companies in the software industry such as IBM, AWS and Oracle. We aim to work as your solution partner, not just a software supplier.

In addition to the software solutions we develop in line with the special needs of companies, we continue our R&D activities in our Muğla Teknopark office with our precious project, İş'tePortal software.

The main strategy in the software technologies developed by our company is to be human and nature-oriented.

Our primary goal in all the products we develop is to digitalize all processes such as planning, operations, production, service, communication, quality, etc. of corporations, increase efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a future in harmony with nature.

In all our projects, we aim to make the lives of both internal employees and other people and customers in the ecosystem easier with technology by taking a human-oriented approach.

Sustainable Future


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