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Yazılım Teknoloji

Collect data from devices such as sensors, SCADA and PLC belonging to production lines, warehouse areas and all assets in your field on a single platform with IoT API. View the data flow in your sensor devices, track the status and problems of your sensors, and  View all your data traffic.

AI & IoT

You can track your equipment by collecting data about the assets in your organization. In addition to your traditional sensor data such as temperature, pressure, vibration, you can combine your large digital data such as photos and videos and get all your asset data on a single platform. By applying formulas specific to your operation to the data you collect, you can detect data anomalies and increase asset usage performance and reduce your malfunction and maintenance costs.

You can carry out your visual inspection / inspection operations with artificial intelligence by processing the images you receive from drones and fixed cameras in your field.


You can also improve your production quality by using data analytics for your assets. By processing images of both your assets and products with artificial intelligence, you can make quality processes smart and increase the efficiency of your production processes with asset data - product quality correlation.

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